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This Is Our Story

We are passionate about promoting our perspectives on EMERGING TOPICS and INNOVATION! 


Diversity In National Security Network (DINSN), nonprofit is a bipartisan coalition of National Security and Foreign Policy practitioners committed to diversifying the National Security private and public sector. DINSN works to amplify the contributions of diverse practitioners in the U.S. and actively creates opportunities to enter and succeed in these sectors.


DINSN understands the insurmountable challenges surrounding diversification. Its mission will advocate for all voices focused on National Security topics and commit to providing visibility and resources to these underrepresented groups. DINSN will also deliver equitable and substantive results that support policy and programs that adhere to these same principles.

DINSN will produce opportunities and support initiatives that amplify contributions from underrepresented communities with talent from the U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy realm. The community and policies promoted will be born from the richness of diverse National Security and Foreign Policy genius. This advancement of innovation will promote a grand strategy that will enable America to meet the existential challenges we face currently and in the future. It is vital that our voices are promoted in all National Security domains and emerging platforms.  


It is critical to elevate and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of diverse practitioners in this space. DINSN's dedication to providing a platform that features these diverse voices and assists those seeking National Security talent is paramount to the practitioner's overall success. DINSN's encouragement of these practitioners is premier to the organization's mission.


History of DINSN -  In 2017, Asha Castleberry-Hernandez founded, DINSN. She was sitting at home and had spoken to several of her constituents that day. They all were inspired to work in different capacities, and by the way, are all very talented, but the opportunity never presented itself. There was a melancholy spirit of despair. Asha immediately went to her computer and started imagining what she could do to help these underrepresented people. She had a revelation that even she was part of this conundrum, but never stopped to think of the collective.  


Asha wanted to give herself and her constituents a platform to elevate their voices. It was unfortunate that there was no vehicle to emulate. They all were National Security experts with different ethnicities. So, she thought of diversity.  She fumbled around with the connection and DINSN it was. She was ecstatic but did not have any idea where to start. She knew that a network involved people. She began to build a diverse network of underrepresented people that could exchange ideas and learn from each other. 


DINSN’s first initiative was to promote and recognize new voices in the National Security sector. We have recognized over 400 people African American, Latinos, AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders), and Arab American communities. DINSN is committed to promoting new voices through strategic engagements and media panels on National Security. 


DINSN’s mission strongly promotes the advocacy and empowerment of our network. We have hosted panels and fostered synergy amongst this community of talented people.

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